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Tango Pasión Milonga


Tango Pasion Silent Milonga i Dansekapellet

Kom med en skøn tango aften med skærpet sanser. På denne aften kommunikerer vi kun med hinanden igennem dansen, kroppen og ansigtet, ingen tale
Musikken tager os igennem forskellige følelser og fornemmelser. Connie Yndal vil sørge for de forskellige stemningsskift i løbet af aftenen, med en blanding af traditionel tango, nuevo og en smule nontango.
Kom til tango med et åbent hjerte og åbent sind, dans med gamle tangovenner og mød nye tangovenner.
Dansekapellet ønsker at vi ikke danser med spidse stilethæle som ødelægger gulvet, så tag nogle mindre spidse sko med eller dans på bare fødder eller sokker.
Hvornår: Søndag den 21. April kl. 19-22.30
Hvor: Dansekapellet Bispebjerg Torv 1
Hvorfor?: Fordi det bliver en oplevelse ud over det sædvanlige… ;-)
Pris: 60 kr. (40 kr. For dem som krydser Øresundsbroen)
Vi har vand og vin
Kom glad :-)


Soft and sensual dancing for Women

Do you want to be able to dance in a very soft and sensual way?

Do you want to learn how to dance with your partner with lightness and flow?

Do you want to get in contact with your feminine core and power?

In this workshop, we will learn how to move our bodies with softness and flow and get rid of blockages in the body. I will teach you how to maintain your own balance, improve your posture and lose hips as well as body rolls and Isolations. I will also guide you into free dancing. We will also be working with control and musicality.

This workshop is for all women that like to dance, however I will also have exercises that mostly are for women dancing tango and zouk.

Connie Yndal, former professional dancer, dance teacher as well as a tango and zouk enthusiast will be teaching the workshop.

You will also get the dvd ‘Sensuel dans for kvinder’ so that you can practice more at home if you still can play dvd’s ;-)

Date: 21st of May 2017

Time: 17.30-18.45 (Right before the Tango Pasion milonga)

Where: Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, Bispebjerg

Price: 80 kr. if you prepay to Mobilepay before the 19th of May. After that the price goes up to 100 kr. mobilepay to 25852817, write workshop on the transfer. thank you.


Tango Workshop and Milonga on Grundlovsdag 5. juni.


Workshop: Spice up your Tango with a little zouk moves
Time: 16.00-18.00

Much of Argentine Tango is concentrated on foot- and leg work, with or without open frame. The upper body is used for connection and subtle leading/following. In Brazilian Zouk the emphasis lies on upper body isolations in partnering. BZ is sometimes described as Contemporary Partnering. Whilst still paying attention to footwork (although less than in AT), a typical characteristic of BZ are circular torso movements, with closed frame, open frame and without any physical (but with visual) connection. Fusing Argentine Tango and Brazilian Zouk is like fusing the best of both cultures, the sincere serenity and deep connection of AT with the playful swirls and sways of BZ, resulting in what zoukers call… Flow.
In this workshop we will give an introduction how to fuse BZ elements inside Tango and Neo-Tango.
The workshop is aimed at Tango dancers who would like to expand their repertoire with something where they can use their body on top of the elegant footwork (literally and figuratively!) to express the music in partnering, and for Zouk dancers who would like to put the elegant footwork of Tango in their Zouk.
The workshop is being taught my Remy Vermunt and Connie Yndal, both passionated tango and zouk dancers.
(we will be teaching a zouk workshop the day before)
Price: 150 kr.
You can come with or without a partner.
Sign up my sending a PM to Connie here on facebook
One hour break for dinner
The Milonga from 19.00-22.30
Connie will be playing a mix of tango and nuevo and a little bit of non tango.
The tandas will more or less be something like this:
One tanda with traditional tango, one with milonga or vals, one with tango played by orchestras that are living now and one tanda with nuevo (and a little non tango)
The variety of music will take you on a emotial journey that will open your heart :-)
Remy and connie will also do a demo of mergin tango with zouk that will be followed by our stop dance so that everybody gets to dance with every body.
Price: 60 kr. (40 kr. for the people taking the workshop or coming from Malmø)
Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København NV




Tirsdags træning i zouk

Jeg tilbyder undervisning i Zouk hver tirsdag for begyndere og let-øvede frem til og med juni. Kontakt mig for mere info.

Private timer i Zouk og begynder i tango (fokus på connection og kvalitet i bevægelserne), intro pris 325 kr. for en time og 400 kr. hvis I er to.  Plus evt. lokaleleje.


Learn the beautiful zouk head movements
Zouk Bootcamp with Remy and Connie

There are 100s of movements and patterns in Brazilian Zouk, which are called head movements, hair movements, tilted-axis-movements, upper-body-isolations and so on. These are actually very typical for all Brazilian Zouk styles. What they have in common is that all of these movements are located in the upper half of the torso and all are based on just a few circular torso-techniques. We are now begining to see these head movements also in Bachacha Sensual and Urban Kizz, however you can not be sure that the teachers have the correct tecknique, because many have copied what they have seen on youtube. It is important that the right techniques are learned, as it can influence your health

Once you master the techniques you are able to perform all of these 100s of patterns and movements in a safe and beautiful way. However, to be fair, it is impossible to master this in just one weekend, it takes at least a year of hard practice under guidance of a good teacher who knows the techniques and understands the human body.

In this theme bootcamps we will teach you the right, safe and healthy techniques and train you to use the correct techniques of basic circular torso-techniques, chest-isolations, tilted-axis-movements, head-movements or however you want to call it.

Zouk Bootcamp 1, 2 hours:

We start with chest isolations, frontal and side body-waves (both upwards and downwards)
then balao and roasted chicken (both solo and partnering), Piao, Piao with Balao,
Level: intermediate

Zouk Bootcamp 2, 2 hours:

Travelling Turns, Tilted Travelling Turns, Spins, Tilted Spins
How to put tilting inside Boomerang, in Soltinho Lateral and in Soltinho Circular
How to connect from one to another, the so-called transitions, when and how do you go from one tilting to another
Level: intermediate/advanced

Look on the wall for videos, so that you see many of the steps ☺

Date: 4th of June

Time: 12-14 Bootcamp 1, 15-17 Bootcamp 2

Price: 200 kr for one bootcamp and 350 kr. For two bootcamps

Where: Islandsbrygge Kulturhus, Undergrunden

In the evening we will have a social zouk party also at Islands Brygge on the night from 18.30-23.00 40 kr. Entrance.

Sign up by writing a mail to post@connieyndal.dk

Kontakt mig for mere info 25852817 eller post@connieyndal.dk

Se evt. mere info omkring zouk på facebooksiden Zouk in Copenhagen




Du kan finde os på facebook under Tango Pasion Milonga.